Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Skyping with my best friend in Kentucky goes something like this:
we're excellent communicators, obviously

Suppertime with friends in Nebraska goes something like this:
 delicious food and pie, of course


shadow play

keep your scraps

and a grand finale, bringing the evening to a close

There's a holiday sale coming up in November. I'm participating...
and have vowed to use up all my lingering supplies before collecting more
my paper stash is ludicrous

So far so good.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm lucky to know some pretty fantastic people that like to share delicious food, special drink, conversation, and potluck fun. This is a teensytiny sampling of the spread we had this past Sunday, um, half-eaten.

Sundays. My favorite day. As my grandmother would say, "Why, I never..."
I suppose I was brought up under the impression that half statements were actually full statements.

I'm not sure this has served me well.
This may explain some things.

beets? gone. apple/rasp pie? gone. sweet potato w/ nutty crust? gone. bean salad? one more serving.
lentils? gawd, there's still a pot full..

It's been a fine week so far, and coming home to mail, real mail, helps:

We talk to each other, and ourselves, in our letters

sometimes we don't have to say much

 and other times we make tiny books with doodles and after thoughts
because we're paper people, which means piles of paper scraps

always, we write like we talk... for better or worse.

and we always end on a high note

And, finally, this is pretty fantastic:

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

fresh fruit for tarts and pies

vegan/gluten free crust. beginners luck. a tasteful success, which i can't seem to stop celebrating.
unfortunately, i'm not exactly sure what those side notes actually mean, "if making pie," um....   ??

yellow flag shapes

a stranger loving life

And, finally, I was fortunate to see 6 fantastic musicians perform tonight at the Side Door Lounge, here in Omaha. Please check out these artists, hear their work, and support them when you have the opportunity!

Monday, September 12, 2011

There has been art stuff
love Gomez Art Supply, printing ink, bathtub soaking, and paper on the wall

There has been "i can't believe this..." stuff, fences to jump, and random color

and lots of lovely, outside, summer things.

Always better.
i did this, there, and thought of you.. happy birthday yesterday, michelle!