Wednesday, March 30, 2011

word. music. art.

Poet Laureate, W. S. Merwin, might be speaking at Joslyn Art Museum at the end of April. Plans aren't finalized yet. I hope this happens.

In light of this recent news, I decided that the poem to memorize for April should, of course, be a piece by Mr. Merwin. So here it is:

by W. S. Merwin

Naturally it is night.
Under the overturned lute with its
One string I am going my way
Which has a strange sound.

This way the dust, that way the dust.
I listen to both sides
But I keep right on.
I remember the leaves sitting in judgement
And then winter.

I remember the rain with its bundle of roads.
The rain taking all its roads.

Young as I am, old as I am.

I forget tomorrow, the blind man.
I forget the life among the buried windows.
The eyes in the curtains.
The wall
Growing through the immortelles.
I forget the silence
The owner of the smile.

This must be what I wanted to be doing, 
Walking at night between the two deserts, 

I discovered this through an old, dear friend of mine, Rosalie Miller:


And, finally, 5 of a thousand:

Make a move, make a sound.
Yes to subtlety.

Monday, March 21, 2011

I recently began appreciating Sundays. 

For 30 years and 8 months, this particular day has been my least favorite day of the week.
However, my dear friend Julia has been hosting Sunday brunch at her house and it's been such a treat! Thank you, Julia!!

disco sunday afternoon walk

The wonderful, talented people that I've had the pleasure of meeting, over delicious food and mimosas, have endured my "it's a new recipe..." efforts, and I think it's finally paying off.

This past Sunday I made a batch of scones that were pretty good.
The best I've made so far.
And if they didn't taste good, well, they looked good.    

ginger, chocolate, & walnut scones

A minor success.. a day in the life.
It's worth it.

The dog downstairs howled all day.
I realized that it's payback for my smoke alarm that went off for 20 minutes at 5 minute intervals yesterday morning. Sorry neighbors. Hooray scones.

An apartment where the windows stay open on their own.
Baking without setting off the fire alarm.
One of these days.


Tie a string around your finger.

Quote of the day: "I went to sleep to start over."  -Natalie

It's cold today.
It's better tomorrow.

Cheers to good starts.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


"I think that life would suddenly seem wonderful to us if we were threatened to die as you say. Just think of how many projects, travels, love affairs, studies, it -our life- hides from us, made invisible by our laziness which, certain of a future, delays them incessantly."

The Joslyn Museum is free on Saturday mornings from 10-12. I often use that time to wander around the galleries and watch people look at art. Sometimes, I watch these same people watch each other. I like when that happens.

In between, I sit down with little kids and help them piece together tangrams, or I draw with them, or ask them questions. I introduce myself and shake their hand and wonder about the big ideas and big adventures that are housed inside these teensy people.

it's so simple. it's so complicated.

We talk about the shapes that make up their tangram puzzles, and when we get to the parallelogram we say that word together and laugh because it's a mouthful.
But all that matters is that it's something new, and they tried, and they had fun trying, so they'll probably try again... whatever it is.

We should all laugh, shrug it off, and try again.
Don't you agree?

This forever-on-hold-book-project that I keep mulling over is finally ready to go. I made a call to my friend Jenni Brant, who is the director at Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts (a great place with a great residency for you art people out there) and asked if a letterpress was available to use: "Why, yes it is!"

So I'll be visiting Nebraska City in the coming weeks to freshen up on my letterpress skills -or lack thereof. 

And while a thousand things have happened in the past 3.5 weeks, 
I'll just share the latest 16 mm highlight:

The Owl

...and the Pussycat