Sunday, April 17, 2011

some things will always be better: mixed tapes and usps letter mail

This past week I came home to a treasure chest mailed to me by my friend, Rbt. Sps.
Rbt. makes a weekly sitcom, and I have been fortunate to receive a Season 1, boxed set of dvds. I'm so excited to share these and have been plotting and planning with my friend Natalie, for the better part of the day, on how to make this happen. 

Summer fun.
rbt. thank you a million times over

And, of course, it's better to make plans while you make food


And this weekend, there were lots of plans
midnight doughnuts and ethiopian food 

But sometimes it can be overwhelming

So it's good to take time for long walks

and note all the things that make everyday life so great.

It's a good week.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

There have been some good things:

keep your hands busy

because who gets that lucky.

in the hole $1.75. "You have to play big to win big." -Jenna

best corner pool

And there have been some ridiculous things, like all day baking:

What? Why.

So today, I was leaving my house with a bag full of cinnamon rolls just as a neighbor-stranger was heading down the sidewalk. I thought about offering some to him, but didn't because no one takes baked goods from a stranger on the street. That's weird.

I walked on.
Then changed my mind. Typical.

So I turned around and offered some sweet treats.
The neighbor-stranger actually took them. I wonder if he ate them.

Maybe that's why I spent the majority of the day baking all these unnecessary foods, to remind me, so I could remind you, that sometimes impulse is good.