Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm not sure Proust is changing my life, but I finished the book anyway

Next up: The Girl in the Flammable Skirt, by Aimee Bender

Currently based out of Brooklyn, Art House Coop provides short, fun, creative opportunities for anyone interested in making and sharing. My friend Katey (current writer-in-residence at Fishtrap in Wallowa County, Oregon) and I recently signed up for the Fiction Project and we will be working collaboratively with text and image. Maybe this is my segue into the segue for those artist books I've been wanting to do.
The 'on-permanent-hold' project.

I can't imagine how that's happened.
That status should change.

In the meantime, I met Katey at the Jentel Residency in Banner, Wyoming where her dietary restrictions inspired in me a continuing love for spelt flour baking. In addition, she and I did a small print project together. You can get a close up of my E.T. fingers (thanks for the complex, Trish) and learn more about our project here.

The attic is still holding strong. And the cold draft?


There are so many options for your February First Friday. What's it gonna be?

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