Friday, February 11, 2011

plans change

..but nevermind the details.

Just know that things started going downhill from here: 
After i finished sewing the front cover of this book 
my brow may have furrowed for a split second.
"does that look...  nah."

And then I stitched up the back cover:

wait a minute..

And then I put the two together.

And then I chucked the damn thing across the room.     not really
There's no fixing this, I do believe it's a make believe heart. 

It wasn't supposed to be what it looks like. 
But I think it just is now.

Maybe I was secretly fighting  the voice of my dear friend Michelle in the back of my mind, "Maranda has no feelings. She's of the rock heart people."


My sidekick Trish, who's back in Kentucky, is an epic email writer. I'm talking novel length here. Sometimes they're funny and sometimes they're sad but usually they're funny/sad... which is even better. 
Do you people have a friend like that?

So, Dish, this one has your name on it. Guess it's time to get started on that real book now..

And a big thank you to my dear friend Shanee for the surprise mail I received this week! Several years ago she up and moved to Alaska one day and never looked back.. 
preserves wait, in the box it arrived in, for a special occasion

maybe stylized snow people?

It's time for a singer-sewing-break.
Happy Weekend!

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