Sunday, April 3, 2011

There have been some good things:

keep your hands busy

because who gets that lucky.

in the hole $1.75. "You have to play big to win big." -Jenna

best corner pool

And there have been some ridiculous things, like all day baking:

What? Why.

So today, I was leaving my house with a bag full of cinnamon rolls just as a neighbor-stranger was heading down the sidewalk. I thought about offering some to him, but didn't because no one takes baked goods from a stranger on the street. That's weird.

I walked on.
Then changed my mind. Typical.

So I turned around and offered some sweet treats.
The neighbor-stranger actually took them. I wonder if he ate them.

Maybe that's why I spent the majority of the day baking all these unnecessary foods, to remind me, so I could remind you, that sometimes impulse is good.

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