Wednesday, October 19, 2011

here, there, and back again

NE to KY to TN to NC to KY to NE.
I make circles. 
Let's get dizzy. 

"Come on, let's skip and be merry!"
 "Let's kick these rocks and make them have some fun!" 

a pretty great travel partner

but there was that one quote:
"You know how you make drawings of real things, 
but your drawings don't actually look like anything..."

 also a fine critic and, obviously, hard to impress

This is where we started.

Western Kentucky

This is somewhere between the two.

This is where we paused for awhile.

Toby and Michelle perch 

draw, read, & relax... oh, and treats
a fantastic restaurant, should you ever be in the neighborhood: Knife & Fork; Spruce Pine, NC

we watched this all afternoon

Thank you Miss Michelle, we had a real nice time!
Love, Toby & Maranda