Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Last minute thoughts for the long weekend

Always use caution when:
A. operating heavy machinery
B. whistling on a blade of grass
C. cutting things.

Maranda, get it together.

So you have, what, 12 hours to find a Thanksgiving recipe? Look no further..
Warning: I think these dishes are all vegetarian/vegan. 
They can be easily adjusted, of course, if you prefer meat.

I'll be trying my hand at zucchini cakes & pumpkin dumplings... making some turnip greens, too.
Just because.


So, Toby and my dad are cooking a 'Thanksgiving breakfast' tomorrow morning (good luck fellas!) and here's to hoping that my mother and her sisters don't set the oven on fire this year..
don't ask, you just have to know them

Wishing everyone safe travels wherever you're going..
Eat your greens (Toby, this means you!), be careful while chopping, and enjoy your week/end!!

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