Sunday, November 28, 2010

We're not the only ones with leftovers, right?

During Kentucky Thanksgiving the kitchen is closed to '3rd party cooks'. This means that my mother and her sisters are bustling around the stove, arm wrestling over who gets to make the special rum cake, running antsy nibblers out of the kitchen, answering the ever-ringing phone, taste testing all the desserts (how unfortunate), throwing casseroles in and out of the oven, singing, laughing hysterically (there's no rum involved here, by the way), and counting down the hours until the food is on the table and all is finished.

I am a 3rd party cook during Kentucky Thanksgiving.
But this year, here in Wyoming, the kitchen welcomed me with a double oven and a dishwasher.

As most do during the holidays, my fellow residents and I split the meal. While I did end up making the zucchini cakes, I opted out of the pumpkin dumplings and turnip greens and instead decided to go all or nothing and take on dessert:           Two pies = Me

That's right, the failed baker put herself in charge of Thanksgiving dessert.

This could have easily ended in sweet disaster but luck was on my side, along with a new pie crust recipe, and dessert was a spelt flour success!

pumpkin pie, blueberry pie, and some stray ginger

Katey's sweet potatoes and cranberries for Colleen's sauce

umm... don't lick your fingers while cooking
We were delightfully surprised when Katey decided to whip up a batch of truffles mid morning!
desserts ready to go
truffles, blueberry pie, homemade whipped cream, and pumpkin pie

rousing game of pick up sticks 
So many wild turkeys!

So the dishes are all clean and put away but the containers of leftovers refuse to disappear. 
I suppose we will continue to work our way through them until the food is gone or becomes soup, whichever happens first. I finished off the blueberry pie during a studio break last night and I'm guessing the truffles will have disappeared by now. 

Another Thanksgiving come and gone.
Safe travels back to your starting point..

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