Monday, November 22, 2010

Middle Ground

Over the weekend I read an essay by Susan Sontag called "Against Interpretation" that critiques the over-intellectualization of art.
Undoubtedly, my review falls short so you can read the essay here
It's a thoughtful read, whether you agree or not, and makes me think about what we expect from works of art, what our motivations are as makers and viewers, and the fervent debate between form and content.


Wyoming and my fellow residents are so great.
We have a wood stove, we cook great food, and there's snow!

I've been planning, printing, carving, and I'm still waiting on yellow ink.
Why didn't I buy all the primary colors at once?
Lesson learned.

hand printing a woodcut

keep your carving tools sharp

To do:
finish woodcut
make sure Toby is prepared for his Tuesday test
sew signatures
venture into the 1000 acres
remind Toby to review before bed
send mail
memorize line #5
find zucchini cakes recipe for our dinner on Thursday

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