Thursday, December 16, 2010

And You Have Spoiled Me (Dear Wyoming, part 2)

A few highlights from our last day in Wyoming..

few favorite things
mural in Buffalo, Wyoming

And on it goes..

A big, big thank you to my little cousin, Kelsey Louise, for hauling me back and forth, back and forth from (to? to and from?) the airport over the past couple of months. She's been a life saver. Thank you, Louise!!

So things have been pretty busy since I've been back. Toby had his first 6th grade band performance on Tuesday night and it was very entertaining.. 
Awesome job, Toby!

Toby preps for performance with salad, pizza, and sweet tea
I've also found some more great job openings in Nebraska, so I'm in the middle of applications, cover letters, and on and..
Have I mentioned that I'm pretty good with puzzles?

My friend Michelle is coming to visit on December 27th. She's been teaching as an adjunct instructor (art) in Los Angeles since graduate school, so I see her once a year or so. I hear that she'll be around through the New Year. HOORAY! 
Hurry up, Michelle..

I realized that I didn't post the poem of the month for December. 
I wonder what other people memorize? 
If you have a favorite poem or a favorite passage then send me a link!        
I'm curious..

So. December. Learn more about Charles Simic here

The Prompter
by Charles Simic

The one who had been whispering
All along in this empty theater
And whose voice I just heard-
or imagined I did
Distracted as I was by my own thoughts.

God have mercy on my poor soul
Was to be my line, 
Which I couldn't bring myself to say
With shivers going up my spine
Like white mice.

And when I finally did get around to it,
There was no response.
A clap, someone chuckling briefly
Is all I had hoped for
And not this great sweep of nothing.

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