Thursday, December 23, 2010

Daily Notes

I am eagerly awaiting the New Year and looking forward to being back in Nebraska, however, the anticipation of this move also reminds me that so much is still up in the air. To fend off anxiety I've been writing a note to myself every day. 
umm... is this too much information? 
I tend to fall into this routine when life becomes more scattered than usual, when big things change.  More often than not, my 'Maranda notes' aren't very exciting and consist of random thoughts, definitions, things I don't want to forget, and things that keep coming back, but I like to have this growing stack of souvenirs from this day and that day, a little bit of consistency and a task that keeps me paying attention. 
It works for now.
What tides you over?

dear maranda, try again. love, rice flour
dear toby, enjoy your rat. love, emily

My grandmother used to have a sign in her kitchen that read, "Fish and visitors stink after 3 days". With so many people bracing themselves for crowded homes and extended visits, I thought I would share a cartoon I found the other day while flipping through the New Yorker...


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