Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Learning Curve: medium

Yesterday seems to have been the day for great quotes. 
I ran across several, including this one:      "That girl was as cantankerous as a corn cob pipe."   
There's been a lot of trial and mostly error for the past three days here in the studio.
Pronto plates = lithography = me = pronto disaster. 

HOWEVER, things are looking up. I have a long night of reprinting all the redrawn gone-wrongs. 
Thank you, thank you to all my skilled-planographic-printmaking-friends who have answered my SOS and walked me through this frustrating process. But for those of you that aren't printmakers, that could care less about pronto plates, fusion, and the tack of my ink, let's move on to some visuals:

Maranda draws carefully
careful drawing has breakdown and refuses to print

Maranda is frustrated so she bakes another pie,
 pumpkin with pecan/maple syrup topping

I hope this puts everything into perspective.
I've been making a few books. My friend Michelle C. Moode introduced me to Cave Paper this past summer and I've been using it to make some simple, soft cover books. For the past year I've been making mostly hardcover which requires a little more gluing, cutting, waiting, and corner turning. So these little sketchbooks are a nice change of pace.

mixing ink, making more woodcuts, and looking

And don't forget all the snow!!

Leaving the studio one snowy night

Being here has been such a great experience for me. I have come to realize just how much I rely on certain processes to "bring it all together". Those processes are unavailable here, which is good, so I am learning to be comfortably uncomfortable experimenting my way through this month. 
And shouldn't we all try to be more comfortably uncomfortable? 


It's my turn to make supper. 
We're having baked goat cheese and pasta with mushroom-pea sauce.

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