Thursday, January 27, 2011

do tell

I had been considering a move back to Nebraska for some time. Distance makes the heart grow fonder and I had exhausted the opportunities in my small hometown.

I wasn't sure what I would do when I got here. I had some possibilities and was in the middle of applying for a number of positions, but with no response. I just knew that it was time to go, and a very smart lady told me once that sometimes you just have to make a blind jump. So I did.

I haven't second guessed my move since I've been back. Everyone, all my friends and even complete strangers have been so helpful and so kind to me, offering me places to stay, giving me names and references, directing me here and there. Despite this positive encouragement, there's been a voice in the back of my head:

"What will you do, Maranda?"
"What if everything falls through, Maranda?"
"How can you make this work, Maranda?"

Today at 10:57 am I received some good news. I was offered a position as Youth and Family Programs Coordinator at the Joslyn Art Museum here in Omaha! I am so excited about this opportunity, and thankful.

SO. I went to the car wash.
it was intense
and then it was over
And so it goes. 

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