Thursday, January 20, 2011

Surprise mail.. 
Dear Michelle, thank you.
everyone should love letters

A fantastic, snowy, late night Wednesday walk.
snowy night walks

Dear Curiosity,
Sometimes I wish you'd leave me alone.
I like to think that this house has an amazing library and consumes lots of hot chocolate

This morning at 4:28 (because I checked the time), I woke up from the strangest dream.
I was in a Cypress swamp and it was mid summer:
sort of like this.
In this Cypress swamp I was lying on a blow up mattress, that was floating on the water, next to a dock.

National Geographic had just highlighted three new fish species in their "Weird from 2010" and it just so happened that all of them lived in this swamp where I was floating. So, as I was lying there, surrounded by algae and cypress knees, someone standing on the dock (who I never saw) kept chucking fish (yes, the new, famous three) onto my "float". 

I didn't seem to mind, as I remember laughing as each fish, one at a time, flew over the edge of the dock and landed next to me. It felt like a game.
So I'd pick each fish up, look at its face, then toss it into the water.

And now I'm annoyed because when I checked the clock at 4:28 and retold the story to myself, I had the clearest image of one of these fish. It was emerald green, slimy (of course), had a fat belly, and its face was long and thin, and it just stared at me with the most void, blank expression. 
Anyway, I was going to get up and draw it, because it was so vivid in my mind, but I didn't, promising myself that I'd remember...  

I think there's a lesson there.
I think I need to get out of my attic.
I think today is not another all day book making day..

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