Thursday, January 13, 2011


For those of you I haven't spoken with in days, months, years, or for those of you I've never even met, I recently moved from Murray, Kentucky to Omaha, Nebraska. 

return day

Maybe it was the day I chose to leave (January 6).
Maybe I have the greatest friends.
Maybe I like seeing how far life and I can push one another before one of us gives.

Or maybe a Maranda-Good-Move has just been a long time coming.

Either way, it's coming together and I'm catching up with computer things that have been put on hold for some time now, getting studio set up, starting on books again, and realizing what I should have packed with me but didn't... my skillet, a chair.

A tenant before me left this secret on a windowpane in sharpie marker. 
It's kind of perfect.

dirty smile

I haven't found a job-job, but I found these:

throw marbles

And shouldn't the kitchen always be the first order of business?
Because cupcakes make a new place better...

the space and i called a truce 

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