Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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Poet Laureate, W. S. Merwin, might be speaking at Joslyn Art Museum at the end of April. Plans aren't finalized yet. I hope this happens.

In light of this recent news, I decided that the poem to memorize for April should, of course, be a piece by Mr. Merwin. So here it is:

by W. S. Merwin

Naturally it is night.
Under the overturned lute with its
One string I am going my way
Which has a strange sound.

This way the dust, that way the dust.
I listen to both sides
But I keep right on.
I remember the leaves sitting in judgement
And then winter.

I remember the rain with its bundle of roads.
The rain taking all its roads.

Young as I am, old as I am.

I forget tomorrow, the blind man.
I forget the life among the buried windows.
The eyes in the curtains.
The wall
Growing through the immortelles.
I forget the silence
The owner of the smile.

This must be what I wanted to be doing, 
Walking at night between the two deserts, 

I discovered this through an old, dear friend of mine, Rosalie Miller:


And, finally, 5 of a thousand:

Make a move, make a sound.
Yes to subtlety.

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