Monday, March 21, 2011

I recently began appreciating Sundays. 

For 30 years and 8 months, this particular day has been my least favorite day of the week.
However, my dear friend Julia has been hosting Sunday brunch at her house and it's been such a treat! Thank you, Julia!!

disco sunday afternoon walk

The wonderful, talented people that I've had the pleasure of meeting, over delicious food and mimosas, have endured my "it's a new recipe..." efforts, and I think it's finally paying off.

This past Sunday I made a batch of scones that were pretty good.
The best I've made so far.
And if they didn't taste good, well, they looked good.    

ginger, chocolate, & walnut scones

A minor success.. a day in the life.
It's worth it.

The dog downstairs howled all day.
I realized that it's payback for my smoke alarm that went off for 20 minutes at 5 minute intervals yesterday morning. Sorry neighbors. Hooray scones.

An apartment where the windows stay open on their own.
Baking without setting off the fire alarm.
One of these days.


Tie a string around your finger.

Quote of the day: "I went to sleep to start over."  -Natalie

It's cold today.
It's better tomorrow.

Cheers to good starts.

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